Can you live in an RV? Heck yes you can! We do. Zach and I lived in a small camper for the first time about five years ago. That was our first taste of the RV lifestyle. We did not travel full time during that six moth period.

This go around, we are fully committed to this lifestyle and have prepared for four years to be able to live and work remotely. So yes, if you do it right, you can live in an RV, fifth wheel, travel van or camper trailer full time. And you can do it before your retirement years.

Our Core Values for RV Living

  1. Time & Money
  2. Energy
  3. Giving to Others
  4. Become Self Sustaining
  5. Explore New Places

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can you live in an rv

1. Time & Money

To me, I see traditional income strategies as selling your time to the highest bidder. Your employer needs your time in order to accomplish their mission and earn their profit. Ditching our debt and living in our fifth wheel is going to allow us to lower our monthly expenses and give us more freedom.

For those of you that enjoy your work, you have been blessed to find a career that aligns with your employer’s mission. Most people I find that are fulfilled in their careers, are fulfilled because they are helping people. Teachers, medical professionals etc. It makes sense humans are designed to love and help one another.

My Work is Location Independent

I am envious of my friends and family members that have great careers for which they are completely passionate. That’s a gift. I haven’t been so fortunate. And, I’m over it. I’ve been over it. I have too much talent and motivation to spend my life sitting in someone else’s $50 office chair.

More importantly, I have always had a strong desire to create my own business. To find a need and design a way to fill that need.

For me entrepreneurship is the path. The path to self employment can be brutal, but it is certainly rewarding in so many ways! I keep this motivational plaque on my desk that says “Never Give Up”!

My desire to build a business that is location independent has provided us the opportunity to live where ever we want to live. We are taking the opportunity to travel while living in our RV.

We are Full Time RVing on $2,500/Month

For Zach and I, a piece of this full time RVing journey is to allow us to own our time and choose what to do with it. We are lowering our monthly expenses to just $2,500/month. We will have less financial security, but we will have the time we need to begin building that up for ourselves. There are many ways that people make a living on the road.

Spending less money to own our time is one of the reasons we live in an RV.

Full Disclosure We Are Childless

Zach and I don’t have kids, so we are more comfortable taking risks with our lifestyle. Folks that choose to raise children often need the benefits that are provided with full time employment (health insurance, paid time off etc). That isn’t the path we have chosen. But hey, this couple travels and RVs with a newborn.

2. Energy

Zach and Jena running Bloomsday 12k in 2019 in Spokane WA.

Zach and Jena running Bloomsday 12k in 2019, Spokane WA.

I have been working for myself for over three years now and can’t image ever going back to work on someone else’s schedule. Zach needs this too. He has continued to work while I build my business (a health workforce data services company – WIM Tracking), which I will be forever grateful for. Zach believed in me, even when I was consumed with doubt and it has started to pay off for us.

I am very excited for Zach to no longer have to work 12 hour shifts, doing a job that doesn’t bring him joy. It sucks the life out of him, zaps his energy – it has been zapping mine too. This new adventure will give us our energy back to find more joy in life.

I am looking for more energy for the both of us to make friends, seek God, volunteer, work on our physical health, get more sleep, visit family, etc. There are so many things that take the back burner in life to mainstream jobs – even when we aren’t at work.  I am really hopeful that this journey will be a reset on life for us. Building our energy is another reason why we live in an RV full time.

3. Giving to Others

When we work so much, we have little time to give to others. When I first started my business, I promised myself that I would not make earning money my main priority. It is a priority, because we all need some income to survive. However, I wanted working for myself to provide more than an income. I wanted it to allow me time to volunteer and spend time with family that I wouldn’t otherwise have the time to do.

So as we are traveling and living in our fifth wheel we are going to seek out opportunities to be useful to others. I imagine there will be volunteer opportunities throughout our travels that we wouldn’t find in Montana. I am also very excited for Zach to have the time for this also. I have learned in my thirties that focusing on the needs of others is the best way to get out of myself and find fullness of joy.

Again with the no kids thing

Zach and I don’t have children and have no plans to create our own. There is endless beauty and fulfillment in being childless, if you take advantage of your opportunities to give. One beautiful outcome of not raising children is that we have the time and energy to be a greater part of our friends children’s lives.

We have the opportunity to make a positive impact on many lives out there. We will be giving more of our time to our friends and family during this journey. Anyone can live in an RV and give to others throughout their journey.

how to start a blog

4. Become Self Sustaining

I touched on this earlier. Zach and I are going to be using the time we have to build an income on the road. I started a business over three years ago and will continue to work full time.

I designed this business to allow me to work remotely. I love what I do and don’t imagine that I will ever give that up. For me, my business started by filling a need and becoming useful to others. Entrepreneurship is when opportunity meets experience.

How do you make money while travelling full time?

To earn an income that will allow us to travel abroad and save for the future, we are going to work on building our blog, Running from Winter and opening an Amazon FBA business. Our blog will be all about our exciting life on the road. I have always wanted to write a blog and even started a few in my twenties, but I never felt that I had enough to write about.

With our new life, I can’t image that we won’t have wondrous stories to tell and ideas to share. Amazon’s FBA program is also very interesting to us. We use the crap out of Amazon’s Prime program and know that online shopping will only continue to grow. So, we will be writing about this as well and sharing our journey with others. I hope that we can inspire others to chase their dreams and use this new online economy to work for them.

These are they ways other full time RVers are making an income and how we think we might too.

5. Explore New Places

Jena Having a Cupcake at Magnolia in Waco, TX.

Jena Having a Cupcake at Magnolia in Waco, TX.

I have lived in Montana my entire life. I am not complaining, I love Montana. I love the safety, I love that we don’t have traffic jams, there are few people here, it’s beautiful and it’s where my family is. However, there have also been pieces of me that want to see what it is like to live in other parts of the world.

The long winters make it impossible to full time RV in Montana. There are people here that do it and we actually tried a few years ago. However, the RV got to be too small when the winter came. I couldn’t do it. My hope is that being south and out of the mountains, we will be able to spend more time outdoors during the winter. This is why we titled our blog Running from Winter.

Can you live in an RV? Heck yes!