Getting on the road to begin our full time RV journey was not easy. We had so many disasters slap us in the face before we started.

I am talking replacing the motor in our truck twice, going through multiple deals while selling our house, food poisoning, wasp attack, road side breakdown of the truck we put two new motors in and so on. We are keeping a sense of humor and know that this type of crap happens.

Zach and I choose to lean into each other when faced with obstacles. Onward and upward we go. I plan to keep this page up to date with what we find along the way and update the Google map with the destinations we have visited in our RV.

I found this travel map on Amazon that we will use to map our journey. It’s cool because you get to insert your own photos that you take when you are in that state and use an online tool to frame them out.

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States to visit we haven't planned for yet

Iowa    Mississippi    Arkansas    Oklahoma    New Mexico

A week into our trip and we have traveled through 9 states already!

Our trip route has changed many times already

We were originally going to head east, across North Dakota and into Minnesota. Winter has come early, so we changed our tune.

Our trip across the U.S. started off with a bang. A bang that left us stranded just sixty miles from home. You can read about what happened here. Once we got back on the road, this was our route and the rest of our intended route.


We made it into Wyoming by the end of our first day and were able to dry camp at a lakeside campground outside of Buffalo.


My cousin Kim recently relocated to Eaton, Colorado. We were able to boondock in her backyard for a night. Her husband even made us enchiladas. It was a great start to our trip. However, we woke up to snow the next morning.

Fort Collins, Colorado Avg. Temp in November 51° / 25°


We stayed at Wilson Lake State Park one night, it was beautiful. We also stayed at Arrowhead Point campground in eastern Kansas.

Kansas Avg. Temp in November 55° / 37°


We took an entire day to drive around the Lake of the Ozarks and check out the town of Lake Ozark. We will certainly go back during the summer and hit up the party cove with our next surf boat. We really liked Missouri and the friendly people

Lake of the Ozarks Avg. Temp in November 58° / 36°

Terre Haute, Indiana Avg. Temp in November 55° / 33°


We boondocked a night at a rest stop along the highway. Then we stopped in Nashville for a day to tour the Country Music Hall of Fame, Music Row, Legendary Milkshakes and the wings. This is definitely a city we will return to and explore more.

Our Google Map of RV Destinations

Our Google Map of RV Destinations

View our interactive Google map:


We are going to spend a month in North Carolina in the Lake James area. While there, we are going to go see Jena’s cousin Cole in Concord, NC. Cole is turning 30 so we have to be there to wish him into the best years of his life. We visited Cole a few years ago and I really loved North Carolina. I would also like to check out Wilmington.

Marion, North Carolina Avg. Temp in November 61° / 35°


Lake Norris, TN is an area that we are very excited to explore. We are die hard lakers and will spend a month in this area to get the lay of the land.

Lake Norris, Tennessee Avg. Temp in November 50° / 36°


Around Christmas we will take a vacation in Destin, FL.

Destin, Florida Avg. Temp in December 64° / 48°


While we are in the Destin and Pensacola area, I want to check out Mobile, AL. I love the show Hart of Dixie which is based in this area – although in a fictitious town called Blue Bell.

Mobile, Alabama Avg. Temp in December 63° / 45°


This will put is in Texas and Arizona for the coldest part of the year. We took a week long trip to Texas last winter to see what it was like in January. We drove from Dallas down to Corpus Christie. Along the way we really like the area of Temple, TX. We will be heading there and setting up shop for a few months.

Temple, Texas Avg. Temp in January 57° / 35°

South Padre Island, Texas Avg. Temp in January 69° / 55°


Many full time RVers hang out in the Yuma, Quartsite and Joshua Tree compounds. We want to go see what that is all about too. We have heard you can park for 6 months for $120.

Quartzsite, Arizona Avg. Temp in February 71° / 44°


We will be meeting my parents in Las Vegas for a short spring break wahoo. I have lived close to my parents for the last few years and will miss seeing them every week. I wouldn’t be surprised if we ended up hosting my mom on an air mattress while we are in Tennessee.

Check back for updates on our full time RVing travels. I will try to post about the pros and cons of each destination.

Las Vegas, Nevada Avg. Temp in March 72° / 39°


Back to Montana is the plan. Summer in Montana is the way to go. From there we will visit friends and family and assess our first circle around the U.S. Will we do it again? Maybe head out the end of summer and make our way across Canada and into Maine!