I have been managing websites for over ten years and have utilized all the best WordPress blog host companies; PeoplesHost, Bluehost, HostGator (owned by Bluehost), Flywheel and GoDaddy.

Up until three years ago I was using Bluehost to host my company website and blog wimtracking.com.

Why was Bluehost so bad?

This is INSANE because I hated Bluehost. My website and blog was constantly down and their customer service was horrendous. My inquiries were always left unanswered and I was frustrated daily.

However, my wordpress.org website and blog was live and I didn’t think I had the energy to find a new company and migrate my blog.

I thought all hosting companies must be awful because BlueHost is the name on the top of every hosting company list. Until…I went on a Twitter rant and PeoplesHost reached out to me.

Here’s Where Bluehost Dropped the Ball

I paid Bluehost $1600 to upgrade my website and blog hosting to a private VPS hosting plan for three years. I run a software program directly from my website needed it run faster, plus I wanted to save by purchasing in bulk.

This is what they said I needed (later I found out they were totally over selling me – I didn’t need that upgrade).

Okay, so I paid the money on a Friday and said DO NOT migrate the website and blog until Saturday. I have customers that access my website during normal business hours.

They said okay, Jena. I hung up the phone and my website and blog were immediately down.

who is the best wordpress blog host

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Blogging for Beginners: by Running from Winter

I was fuming! What’s worse I couldn’t get the same person back on the phone that I had originally talked to. Every time I called customer service I ended up with a new person who had no idea what was going on and was useless.

My website and blog was down for 3 days straight. I was able to get a refund after months of jumping through hoops. They were finally working hard at something – trying to keep my money.

Who is the best wordpress blog host?

Thankfully, I was upset enough to get on Twitter and give them a nasty piece of my mind, that’s when Brian from PeoplesHost reached out to me. What a blessing! PeoplesHost has been remarkable. They are the best wordpress blog host. They migrated my website perfectly.

No downtime, I didn’t have to do anything other than provide them with some login details to my Bluehost account. I have now been using PeoplesHost for all three of my websites and blogs and they are never down.

Customer Service is More Important than Price

PeoplesHost customer service is also top notch. They are smart, fast and take care of me. If I ever have a question about an SSL or something technical about my website or blog, I hop on PeoplesHost customer service chat and it is figured out lickety split.

I 1000% recommend any new blogger start their wordpress.org blog with PeoplesHost. I also have a recommendation for a theme (Avada Theme Forest) and will write a post about that as well.

So why do most bloggers say use BlueHost?

I have been learning how to monetize a blog and follow other full time bloggers (I cringe when I see a blogger suggest BlueHost) – I think A) a new blogger sees another blogger utilizing BlueHost and they think they should too B) it’s a money thing, Bluehost is a bigger name so they can make more money through referrals. For me, I can only recommend a company I believe in and know will treat people as awesomely as they have treated me.

Steer clear of BlueHost

Also, Bluehost offers a very low introductory rate – if you sign up for three years. Don’t take that bait. You will regret it. Always read the fine print. Another thing I learned with Bluehost is they have an awesome sales team. They are so good a selling you and making you feel like they know what they are doing. BUT customer service is a whole different story. Once you are a customer, all bets are off. Especially if they got you to sign up for multi-year pricing. Double cringe.

Honestly, if I didn’t know what I know now and was about to start a blog, I would end up making the same mistake with Bluehost. I obviously did that once before! Well, if you have already set up a blog with Bluehost or another hosting company, you can still contact PeoplesHost and have them migrate your blog for you. It is super simple to migrate your site to PeoplesHost.

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If you haven’t set up your wordpress.org blog yet, you can contact PeoplesHost to pick your plan. PeoplesHost also has an affiliate program, so if you are looking to monetize your blog, set your blog up with them, you won’t be disappointed and you will for sure want to share your experience with your readers and can even earn a little income through the affiliate program.

PeoplesHost Web Hosting

6 Day Free Blogging Course

Blogging for Beginners: by Running from Winter

Click here to start Jena’s free step by step guide to starting a blog

Check out the hosting options by PeoplesHost. I use the following services from PeoplesHost. I suggest if you are just setting up a blog to go with PeoplesBasic (WordPress Shared). It’s best to go with the full year up front to get the free domain and lower your monthly cost.

  • Runningfromwinter.com – PeoplesBasic (WordPress Shared) $108/year with a free domain/url and Rapid SSL $29.99/year (the SSL is what will get you the green padlock and keep your site secure, super important)
  • WIMTracking.com – PeoplesBasic (Linux VPS) $49/month and Rpid SSL $29.99/year – I am going to change my billing cycle on this account to save money with an annual package. I run a software program on this website, so I need more disk space and dedicated RAM than I do with my blog.
  • Siloskoa.com – PeoplesBasic (WordPress Shared) $108/year and Rapid SSL $29.99/year