Zach and I have a fabulous fur family.

Our fur family includes two shih tzus and a bunny (he’s technically a rabbit). Sir Pancakes is our sweet and hilarious bunny. His formal name is Sir Pancakes because Pancakes is apparently a “girly name”. We call him Pancakes for short but introduce him as Sir Pancakes to new friends.

He was not a planned addition to our family. I was visiting a friend in Whitefish and stopped at Rosaurs to pick up some grub. A vehicle pulled up and these kids started setting out cages with bunnies in them. I observed from a distance as car after car pulled in and started hauling these rabbits away.

A 4H family was sending their kids off to MSU Bozeman (ESGGCG) and would no longer be showing rabbits. I watched with total fascination at how quickly this all happened and within minutes I was standing there and it was just me and Pancakes.

Over the past few years, I casually thought about getting a rabbit at some point, but in that moment had no idea what was about to happen.

How we ended up as rabbit owners

I asked if I could hold him, which was the first time I had ever held a rabbit. I liked it.  Normally, I am type A. I like to obsess over every possible scenario, make sure everyone is on board and come to a conclusion with how a decision like this will affect my life.

Things like, are the dogs going to try to eat him? Will Zach not want him in the house? Where will he go when we travel? As I have grown in my mental health journey to find peace, I have changed in a way that allows me to live more freely.

In that moment I thought, what’s the worst that could happen here? A kid in Townsend ends up with a free rabbit. So I just went for it. I didn’t ask Zach what he thought, I didn’t think about the fact I was staying at a friend’s house that weekend and what she might think. I just said, I think I need him. The family was awesome. They went with me to Murdochs and showed me everything I needed to care for a rabbit.

And guess what? It all turned out better than I could have imagined. If I would have over thought that decision, I likely would have said no. I am so glad I didn’t. My sometimes new motto is, act now and beg for forgiveness later. I don’t want to miss out on an adventure because I have a bad case of the “what ifs”. Pancakes and the dogs get along great. At first the dogs wanted to chase him around, but he quickly learned that if he just held his ground they would leave him be.

From House Bunny to RV Bunny

Pancakes is a house bunny, well actually an RV bunny now. When I adopted Pancakes, I had no idea we would be transitioning to full time RVing. When we decided we would full time RV, everyone asked what we would do with Pancakes. I just said, “we will figure it out”. And that’s just what we did.

We easily figured out how we could full time RV with a rabbit. He lives in the RV with us full time and loves it. He is litter box trained, so he roams the RV freely. We chose a 37′ Sundance RV for the living space it gives us. Zach did build him a custom bunny litter box that would fit snugly in the corner of the RV. He has a bunny blanket in the living area that he chills on in the morning and evening. He sleeps most of the afternoon behind the sofa.

How we full time RV with a bunny

Here are few points on how it works for us to full time RV with a bunny.

  • I buy a bail of hay from Murdochs and store it under the RV. I have an old Timothy hay bag that I refill using the hay under the RV. The entire bail cost me $15 and it’s not even halfway gone after nine months. I refill the Timothy hay bag every week and keep it inside the RV to restock his hay feeder.
  • We also keep his pellets under the RV in storage and keep a gallon zip lock bag full in the RV.
  • I get a two pack of baby carrots from Costco every three weeks. My rabbit eats a lot. He knows that the carrots are in the fridge so every time he hears the fridge open, he runs for a treat. It’s hilarious.
  • I keep some wood chewing blocks set out for him behind the furniture.
  • Pancakes has recently chewed on two baseboards. I just ordered this bitter apple spray that hopefully keeps him from chewing more. Update* for some reason after a year of full time RVing with Pancakes barely chewing on the RV, he started to really begin chewing. We think this was because it was summer and we weren’t spending as much time with him. So, we have since taken clear shipping tape and covered any exposed wood throughout the RV. We have also moved his chew toys to new areas so that when he does go exploring he knows what he can chew on. This has kept him from chewing on any more parts of the RV.
  • We have a fairly large animal carrying cage that I keep under the RV. I He goes in the carrying cage when we move the RV to a new location and that can mean a few hours in the cage. That’s why I have a pretty big one. I also made sure to get one with the top opener. It’s easier to put him in from the top.
  • Pancakes has a rabbit harness so he can go outside with us. I do plan to order a travel pen I can set up outside under the RV. I just worry about other dogs that think he may be a snack – so we will see on that. I will keep you updated on what we do there. However, he really doesn’t like being outside in the heat so he is staying inside right now.
  • I sweep a lot. Luckily tiny living, means less floor space. But with the five of us, we track in and move around a lot of dirt. So I sweep a couple times per day.
  • I keep all of my computer/printer/phone cords plugged into a power strip on the table. The power strip is plugged into the wall and I have a piece of PVC pipe around that cord.
Pancakes on the third day we had him.

This is Pancakes in his rabbit harness enjoying some sunshine.

rabbit and dog in an RV

Pancakes and Maisy taking a nap in the RV.

A Part of The Family

Having a rabbit is awesome. Zach and I have both fallen in love with Pancakes. He definitely loves us to. That’s one of the first things I learned about him. He really likes being with us and gets lonely if we are gone for too long. When we first put our house on the market, I moved him into the attached garage. Pancakes didn’t like it. He actually stopped eating for a few days until I brought him back in the house.

We are just one big happy full time RVing modern family – 2 person, 2 dog, 1 bunny family.