This is a step by step guide on how to start blog using WordPress and self hosting with PeoplesHost. The following are the exact steps I took to start my blog and what I recommend to any new blogger.

If you are learning how to start a blog, just to record your thoughts and aren’t interested in monetizing your blog or starting a blog for business, continue on through this post.

6 Step Guide on How to Start a Blog for Business

Day 1: Setting up your wordpress blog

Day 2: Monetizing your wordpress blog

Day 3: Adding plugins to your wordpress blog

Day 4: Creating a product and email list

Day 5: Using keywords to bring traffic to your blog (Google SEO and Pinterest)

Day 6: Marketing your product through your email list

Blogging as a business is a lot of work – especially in the beginning. If someone is telling you otherwise – stop listening to them immediately. They are just trying to sell you an idea that does not exist. But don’t fret, if you are willing to do the work it can be a lot of fun and super rewarding.  To start, remember, one thing at a time.

Step 1: Set up a WordPress Blog Hosting Account Through PeoplesHost

The first thing you need to do to set up a wordpress blog is to purchase your hosting account, choose your domain (www.yourdoman.com) and secure your blog. There are different hosting companies out there, I have used them all throughout the years and I handsdown recommend PeoplesHost. If you are going to follow along my 6 Step Nitpickers Guide to Blogging for Business, use PeoplesHost because I will be giving your instructions specific to PeoplesHost.

  • Go to PeoplesHost here
  • Under Web Hosting choose WordPress Hosting
  • Click Order Now
  • Under Choose a New Domain – type the url that you want your blog to be example:  my domain is runningfromwinter.com
    • PeoplesHost will tell you if the domain is available or not – hit continue
  • PeoplesBasic (WordPress Shared) offers pay by month and other billing cycles
    • Choose your billing cycle: I suggest at least doing the six month billing cycle because this gets you a free domain for the first year (~$15 savings) If you are starting a blog as part of your business, sign up for the year. What other business can you start for less than $150/year?
  • Secure your blog with an SSL
  • Continue and Pay
PeoplesHost Web Hosting

Step 2: Review Your Emails from PeoplesHost and ICANN

Once you purchase your PeoplesHost wordpress hosting you will receive the following emails. Make sure to save these emails in a folder, you will refer to them.

  • IMMEDIATE VERIFICATION required for “your domain name” – Action is required on this email. You must follow the link “Click here to verify your email address” in this email to verify your email address. If you do not do this your blog will be down in about two weeks. This is a new requirement as of 2014.
  • RapidSSL Order confirmation – This is letting you know that your SSL (blog security) has been ordered and set up. PeoplesHost installs the certificate for you, so there is nothing you need to do here.
  • PeoplesHost WordPress Hosting Account Welcome – This is important! This has your login information to WordPress and your cPanel. Save this somewhere, you will refer to it in Step 3.

Step 3: Log into WordPress and Choose Your Theme

In the third email listed in Step 2 – PeoplesHost WordPress Hosting Account Welcome – you will find your login information into WordPress.

You will login to your blog by going to www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin and using the information provided in the email. This is the content management system. You can think about this as the backend of your website. Familiarize yourself with the main areas of WordPress.

  • Appearance – this is where you will change your theme, customize your blog, add footer information, update your main menu and sidebars to your blog posts using “widgets”
  • Plugins – using plugins you can add custom tools to your blog, many can be added for free
  • Pages – add an “About” page or “Favorite Products” page to your website
  • Posts – add a new blog post

These are your WordPress Login Details that come in the email from PeoplesHost.

This is the back end of your website. Under “Appearance” – “Themes”, you will change your theme.

Choosing your theme is important.

If you want to start with something basic that is fine, you can use one of the pre-loaded themes or you can download a free theme. However, I suggest purchasing a theme, especially if you are looking to monetize your blog.

It’s best to get started correctly rather than working with a theme you will end up changing down the road. If you do choose a free theme, make sure you get one that is responsive (it auto adjusts your content based on screen size).

I highly suggest Avada

If you have experience with WordPress or any other website content management system, I recommend the theme I use for all of my websites and blogs. It is the Avada theme by Theme Forest and it rocks!

It is extremely customizable. Like my blog post layout? Sign up to receive the Avada code to replicate my blog post layout.

I suggest PicMonkey for your graphics

Which ever theme you go with, I highly suggest setting up an account with PicMonkey. PicMonkey will give you quick and easy access to beautiful stock photography and an easy to use editing software.

I use PicMonkey everyday for my blog post graphics and Pinterest Pins. Set up a PicMonkey account here.

How to upload a new theme

To upload a new theme, first download the theme you choose to your computer then in WordPress go to Appearance – Themes – Add New. When you upload the new theme into WordPress make sure it is zipped (.zip) file. To zip a file find the file on your desktop, right click and choose send to .zip.

Once your theme is uploaded, you may see new options in your WordPress account. That will be the case for the more advanced (paid for) themes.

Step 4: Write Your Blog Content

There will be a post on your blog automatically. To change that post go to Posts – All. Write your first post and update it.

There may also be a page other than your homepage. You can change that by going to Pages – All – Edit. From there you can also add new pages.

It really is that simple! If you are new to WordPress or building websites, go ahead and start small with just the basics and then make a few changes as you get more comfortable. Don’t forget to check how your blog looks on a computer and on a smart phone!

If you need help getting started, leave me a comment below!

Pro Tip

Sign up with PicMonkey to make your blog graphics and Pinterest Pins stand out! I use it everyday!