Our transition to full time RVing has not been going well.

It’s been a roller coaster ride with the sale of our house, the motor in our truck blew up twice, I took a surfboard to the head, we both got food poisoning and I was attacked by a posse of angry hornets living in our fifth wheel storage.

However, I still have a lot of faith that we are on the right path, it’s God’s timing, not mine.

Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong

All of these crap storms have happened to us over the past month.

Motor Blew and then Blew Again

The truck that pulls our 37′ Sundance RV took a crap out about four weeks ago. We had to get a new motor installed. Our mechanic put the new motor in, gave it back to us and the new motor blew two days later.

Thankfully, the first new motor we ordered had a 3 year warranty including service. So we didn’t have to pay extra for the second new motor, but we were out another two weeks to move our RV.

This was a $7,000 gut punch before we even started our full time RVing journey.

House Deal Fell Through – We were scheduled to close on the deal selling our house on August 14th. We had to start from scratch, looking for a buyer all over again. This has been an exhausting process and really hard on my peace of mind.

There are a couple of things we had to address once our home inspection came back, which we easily dealt with. We are now under contract with a new couple, they seem legit.

Storage Shed Almost Blew Down – We are building a storage shed at my parent’s house so that we don’t have to pay storage fees or give all of our stuff away as we are travelling the U.S. We have been getting some nasty weather lately.

After the walls were framed up but poorly braced, we were hit with an intense wind storm. My dad’s chain link fence kept the entire thing from falling to the ground. What’s worse, the neighborhood keeper of the covenants came by to say that we had to move the shed. FML

We are Still Transitioning into the RV Full Time

Even though we still own a home and haven’t had a way to move our RV for awhile, we have still been transitioning into the RV.

Since having to show our house, I didn’t want to move Pancakes the rabbit into and out of the house everyday. I have been in the RV most of the summer. And guess what? I like it.

I am actually glad to get to have the time with the RV at the house so I can get used to it. I feel less anxiety about full time RVing because the RV is beginning to feel like home.

I have also been able to figure out RV storage and the things I really need in the RV for convenience.

Oh…and Pancakes loves the RV

I’m pretty sure he thinks it’s his home and we are just visitors. It’s so funny how he runs to the fridge every time he hears it open. I can’t help but give him a carrot when he does.

building a storage shed

Zach having to straighten out the storage shed after a wind storm.

rabbit drinking coffee

Pancakes enjoying his morning coffee

It hasn’t all been bad…

Even though we have been through a crap storm, it has all been external circumstances (except for the food poisoning, head injury and wasp stings – that was hella rough). We have been trying our best to still make the most of our summer. We are hopeful that we will sell our house and be able to begin our full time RVing adventure.

We were able to get out wakesurfing a few times and had friends bring their campers over for a weekend. We also spent a weekend at Pipestone, which is a must see.

I even got to learn how to shoot a hand gun. I headed north to my hometown to meet my friend’s newborn girl, who I adore. I floated the Madison with my family and made it to Billings to visit my grandma and uncle.

Zach will be heading to Minnesota in September for a bachelor party.

Jena at HCO

Jena at HCO Indoor Gun Range

Here I am goofing on the boat