Zach and I have come up with a list of items that have made our RV life so much better. From keeping spiders out of your fifth wheel, maximizing storage space and improving our sleep, this list of items will improve your RV life too!

We have included an image next to the product description and a link to check the price of the product on Amazon. Amazon also has a page of best selling rv items.

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One thing I know we don’t need…a snow shovel 😉

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Homelabs Dehumidifier

This is the most popular dehumidifier on Amazon right now. When travelling in the steamy southern state a dehumidifier comes in handy to pull the moisture out of the air.

This dehumidifier unit can remove up to 22 pints of moisture in a day.

Moisture Absorber

Another way to absorb moisture, decrease mildew and keep your RV smelling fresh is with this disposable moisture absorbers.

You can find these moisture absorbers throughout your fifth wheel behind the couch and in the bathroom and bedroom closet.

Tall & Narrow Storage Bin

Zach just bought this tall and narrow storage bin to put next to the bed. One side of our king bed has built in shelving, which is great for a glass of water at night and your books and cell phone. Zach’s side of the bed has no shelving.

He ordered this narrow storage bin to use as his night stand, but also as extra bedroom storage. It’s unique in that it is tall and deep, but narrow. It measures 8″ x 19″ x 29.7″ tall.

Stay Away Spiders

Get ahead of the spider game with Stay Away Spiders to keep the spiders from building a home in your RV mattress or closet.

Stair Upgrade

Fifth wheel and RV stairs take a beating after just a few years. There are stair replacements available. Some that are foldable and some some that aren’t. You can even find portable porches! Here is a look at stairs you can upgrade to.

Thermal Insulation

We were lucky enough to have the previous owners apply Automotive Thermal Insulation to all of the windows in our fifth wheel.

This really helps with keeping the RV cool during a hot day and keeping the heat in on a cool night. We have all or our winders decked out with thermal insulation.

Zero Water Filter Pitcher

The ZeroWater Filter Pitcher is great because when you are travelling you don’t know the quality of the water that you are connecting to at various RV spots.

Rather than buying single plastic water bottles, this 10 cup round Zero Water Filter Pitcher is a great solution because it will fit in most RV fridges.

It will remove water impurities. RVers can drink from the tap after filtering the water. This unit doesn’t take up a lot of space.

RV Lock Keyless Entry

Keyless entry is a wonderful convenience that makes RV life that much easier. You never have to worry about leaving the pets in the fifth wheel and them getting locked in.

Every RVer should have this keyless entry RV Lock.

Travelling Slow Cooker

This travelling slow cooker  super unique. It looks sort of like a cooler, but it is actually a slow cooker built for portability.

If you are a fairly stationary RVer, this might not be that intriguing, but if you are actively moving about check out this portable slow cooker.

Collapsible Measuring Cups

Kitchen space in your fifth wheel is precious. Multi-purpose kitchen tools and space saving items are a must. These collapsible measuring cups are a must have.

I also just purchased these collapsible colanders.

BedJet Temperature Controller

I like to sleep cold and Zach likes to sleep warmer. We have found that controlling the sleeping temperature in the RV bedroom is tough. The ac unit is either too cold or not cold enough.

The BedJet is the solution we have found to help us both sleep in the right temperature.

Mosquito Zapper

Unfortunately when you are camping in warm weather, near water and trees, you end up with a slew of flying pests in your RV at night. These mosquito zappers can aid in the fight against mosquitos.

Wize Cam

I bought this Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor Wireless because it hooks directly to my phone so I can check on our rabbit and two dogs when we are away from the RV.

It does need to be connected to wifi, so you need to have access to the shared wifi at an RV resort or have a Verizon Jet Pack. It was super simple to set up and comes with a sticky pad that allows you to set it up on the wall. You can also listen in and talk to the animals too. The Wyze Cam is a Great value.

Small Fold up Table

We absolutely needed more table space. I use our dining table as my office and we eat on the couch. This Folding Table serves as a perch for the dogs to look out the window during the day and a place for me to work on puzzles at night. This table folds up nice when we want to tuck it away.

I also have a Lap Table that I use when I want to work from the lazy boy.

Stackable Can Organizer

Our fifth wheel kitchen has a lot of storage, but the pantry shelves are so big items can just get lost. This and other cabinet storage items help to maximize the space. I like being able to organize my soups and canned goods with this stackable can organizer.

Mattress Topper

I’m a baby when it comes to sleep. We have a king bed in the RV, hallelujah! The mattress we have is an upgraded memory foam mattress, but I need ever more padding.

We added the LUCID 4 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper for better sleep. If you need a queen size, here is the same LUCID 4 Inch Gel Memory Queen Size.

Phone Selfi-Stick & Tri-Pod

I just ordered this Selfie Stick Tripod last week. I figure that since we are going on a full time RVing adventure we need to be able to take awesome photos and not just the standard selfies of our cheesy faces with a small background.

I want to get some full body action shots of us doing back flips off the RV 😉 That is actually what I will use the tri-pod for first. This selfie stick tripod has great reviews so I went with it.

Oversize Camp Chair

I like big, sturdy camp chairs. These oversize chairs are so comfortable, you don’t know you are camping. Most people don’t spend the extra money to upgrade their camp chairs, so it makes a great gift. This oversize camp chair is big, sturdy and stow-able and makes a great gift for an RV owner.

Reusable Shopping Bags

I hate to admit that this is the first time I have ever thought about using reusable shopping bags. I see people with theirs in the store and think, they are awesome people but have never thought that it is something I should do.

I have learned you lots of these so you always have them handy. We are making the change with these REGER Foldable Shopping Grocery Bags. Say goodbye to single use plastics.

Travel Map of US

So this is just for fun. Anyone who travels secretly tracks how many U.S. states they have visited and want to visit them all before, well you know.  So this Scratch Off Map United States totally floats my goats. I don’t have it yet, I am hoping Zach is reading my posts and will order it for me. Stay tuned.

If you have been to all fifty states, I want to know…leave me a comment below!

Storage Ottoman

This ottoman is a triple threat. You have a foot stool, storage and a table. The cushions are reversible and convert into table space.

We play games on this storage ottoman at night so we use it to store games too. My favorite board games are Dominoes Chicken Foot, Ticket to Ride and Aggravation. So if you see me on the road, let’s play!

Disposable Gloves

Cause sometimes you have to deal with some poo. Well, sometimes Zach does. Keep disposable gloves near your holding tank storage and water filtration system.

Don’t be caught without these!

Command Hooks

When we bought our RV (Heartland Sundance 3280 RES) there were Command White Hooks everywhere. The previous owner lived in the RV full time too and said we were really going to be thankful. At first I thought they were an eye soar, but as we began filling up the RV we found out how handy they came in. We even have hooks in the shower.

I think I will even put some command hooks on the outside of the camper to hang Christmas lights 😉