Zach and I are thirty something full time RVers. How did we get here? It wasn’t over night. In fact, we have been working toward this lifestyle change for almost four years. In our thirties we obviously aren’t retired and need to make an income while we are full time RVing.

It started with a dream

Five years ago we sold our first house and moved into a small camper. We weren’t set on staying in our camper long term, but thought we could take some time to figure out where we wanted to live. We ended up in our small camper for about four months in Montana. Once the cold hit, I knew I couldn’t stay in the camper during the winter so we bought a house.

Four years ago (as soon as we were in the new house) we started working toward a change. We thought it would take us maybe five years to transition to our next big lifestyle idea. This lifestyle idea was – let’s go south. However, we didn’t really know what that would look like. Would we be able to become snow birds in our thirties? How could we make that work financially?

We started working toward this dream

We decided to make some big changes in our lives to achieve our dream of heading south for the winter. I was going to start a new business. I have always been an entrepreneur and frighteningly self motivated. I wrote a business plan and began accomplishing my goal to create a sustainable income. It’s hard for me to explain what I do, so it’s best to just check out my business website if you are interested in learning about what I do. As I was building this business, I made sure to establish a model that would allow me to work from anywhere.

During this time, Zach was still working full-time and was the bread winner for two years as I worked to build an income. We also cut back on our spending. I drove a piece of shit car, we ditched our cable bill and really limited our spending. By year three we were able to take a trip to Jamaica, Texas and to Europe and also build a garage. I was finally contributing to our wallet so we splurged quite a bit. But otherwise we were still pretty frugal in our day to day spending.

We’re ready, now where?

It’s four years after we were last living in the camper and last spring decided we have gotten to a point financially where we can do something unconventional with our lives. Now that I have built a full time income, we are able to become snow birds in our thirties. We aren’t well off enough to be able to keep our house and go south, so we have put the house on the market and once it sells we will be in our fifth wheel full time.

We are Running from Winter – and we actually run. This is us at Bloomsday 2019.

We will be on a strict budget, but we have prepared for that and when you are living in a fifth wheel full time, you don’t need to do a lot of shopping. We have put together an itinerary and will be heading east and then south for the winter. We plan to make a big loop and head back to Montana late spring 2020. You can follow our journey here.

Other means of income on the road

Zach and I have been reading a lot of blogs and listening to podcasts to learn about other ways that we can make money from anywhere. We are monetizing our blog in hopes to bring in a little extra spending cash and we are also researching how we can start an Amazon FBA business.

All in all we are very excited to start Running from Winter! We have our fifth wheel ready to roll. We chose an RV model that feels like we live in a small condo. I’m really happy to have the blog up and running and hope that folks find it useful. If there is anything that you would like us to write up, leave us a comment below. You can also join our mailing list to get our posts directly to your email inbox.

Do you want to full time RV?

For anyone that is thinking about living in an RV and travelling full time, I say go for it. But prepare. If you are not retired, you will need a plan on how you will pay for your RV parking, groceries, cell phone, internet and fun! So figure out what you will need to make to pay your monthly budget.

At the Warriors vs. Mavericks game in Dallas 2019

Here we are being models in Lisbon, Portugal 2018

How you can prepare for full time RV life

  1. Follow other full time RVers – full time RVing is a non-conventional lifestyle, however it is becoming more and more popular. You can find so many couples and even families that are travelling the U.S. and Canada full time in their fifth wheels. Find some RVers that you can relate to and read about their lives on the road. As they share their experiences, you can see how you would feel if you were in their shoes. Can you handle RV breakdowns? Can you live with limited clothing and other junk people collect?
  2. Gain some experience – if you don’t own a camper or fifth wheel, you can rent one and take it for a spin. Is this comfortable or hectic for you? Get some experience being on the road and dealing with the mobile life. You might completely change your mind or even fall in love with this lifestyle.
  3. Plan your finances – if you aren’t retired, how will you make money on the road? This might take you years, like it took us to get to a place where you are financially fit to quit the day job and hit the highway. You will also want to set a monthly budget. Make it realistic!
  4. Start minimizing your stuff – we all have so much stuff that we can live without. Begin finding out what you can and cannot live without. Do you really need 10 dinner plates for the two of you? Can you survive with five pairs of socks and three pairs of jeans? Donate what you can and think about where you will store the things you can’t part with.
  5. Set goals and expectations – what is the purpose of your full time RVing journey? Will you be doing this indefinitely or just for the winter. Make sure you and your partner are on the same page about what this lifestyle looks to you. Also write down what exactly you want to get out of this change. Is it for freedom, is it for exploration, is it so you can spend more time together, or are you trying to save money? These will come in handy on days when you think, “what the heck are we doing.” Because we are all doing it for a reason. Here are our Zach and I’s reasons for full time RV living.