We are social creatures, that’s no different for those of us who choose a mobile lifestyle. Finding and making friends on the road can be easier in ways and more difficult in ways.

The easy part of finding friends on the road

  • You are going to be around like-minded people. Where better to find other mobile friends and mobile entrepreneurs than at a campground or boondocking site?
  • You live in a community so there are opportunities to be of assistance to those around you and make friends.

The hard part of finding friends on the road

  • You’re mobile. That means that as soon as you find friends you will be leaving them.
  • Even though we are like minded in our lifestyle, we may all have different interests as far as how we like to spend our time.
  • Like a lot of the younger generation of nomads, we have to work. We can have similar time constraints as those that live a stationary life.

Ways to find friends on the road

Join a Club

Full time RV life has become more and more popular. There are a variety of RV clubs that you can join to meet other people on the road and also gain benefits through their program. Escapees is one such program that offers hangouts and other ways for its members to make friends on the road.

Talk to the RV Park Owner

Mobile park owners are at the center of their parks. Introduce yourself to the park owner and mention that you are looking to be social. They know the ages and personalities of their long term guests and can help you to meet other full time RVers. Hanging out on the front porch or other common areas is a great way to meet other travelers.

Start a Game Night

Host a game night in the common area or even at your outdoor space. Put up a flyer in the common area and share the info with the park owner. There are lots of other folks that need time with other adults.

Host a BBQ or Potluck

Like a game night, set up a potluck. You can do this in a common space or at your RV. Ask everyone that is coming to bring something. Make sure if you put up a flyer to also walk around and extend a verbal invite. That’s a great way to meet other full timers too.

Social Networking

Join a full time RVing social group on Facebook. Folks like to share where they will be and plan a meet up.

RV Conventions

Find an RV convention in your area. Use google to search for RV shows in your area. Here is a list by city, but there are many other groups out there hosting RV shows.


A great way to make new friends in a new town is to volunteer. You can help out around the camp or even volunteer in the local community. Senior centers, youth camps, food services are always looking for people to help out. You will meet folks that you serve and also other volunteers.

Be Outside

You can’t meet people if you sit inside your RV all day. It is harder during the colder months, but find reasons to be outside and smile at your neighbors.

Talk to Your Neighbors

Good old fashion communication is a great way to make new friends. Not everyone you meet will be interested in socializing or joining your game night, but you will know pretty quickly whether or not you click with someone. So go out and mingle.