Figuring out what keywords to use to drive traffic to your blog is something you should take a lot of time on. You need to decide what your niche is and who your target is. Be very specific.

What is your niche?

Starting a blog to write down all of your thoughts can be fun, but it isn’t going to serve you if you are looking to blog as a business. What are you writing about?

  • Vacations to plan throughout the U.S.
  • Places to take your RV
  • Why RVing in your thirties kicks ass
  • How to make money while on the road

Who are you writing for?

You need to narrow down your focus. Who are you blogging for?

  • Andrea Spelling
  • 30 year old woman
  • Married with no children
  • Does not want to have children ever or in the next few years
  • Tired of working full time job
  • Wants to travel more or even full time
  • Is entrepreneurial minded
  • Has technical skills or the willingness to learn them

That’s who I am blogging for. Women who want to live an unconventional life and are excited to start a blogging business while travelling the world. That’s pretty specific, ah?  Who is your target market?

If you aren’t completely certain to begin with, write a few posts and create a few Pinterest Pins centered around niche. Below I talked about Pinterest Business hub. They have analytics that will tell you about your readers. I know that over 70% of my readers are women and 34% view my content on a desktop computer. These are great insights.

Pro Tip* Submit Your Sitemap to Google

Pro Tip: Submit your blog site map to Google, so that Google will index your site and you will be found in search engines. Here is a good article that walks you through the process. Remember YoastSEO I told you to download on day three?


Once you have defined what your niche is and who you are blogging for, it’s time to find the keywords that your target is using to find people like you. I use AnswerthePublic, Google Keyword Planner and Pinterest to discover keywords.


Answerthepublic is great at finding questions that your readers are looking for answers to. When you start creating content based on what people are searching for, you get found. You are creating value for your readers and focusing on keyword optimization. It’s a win-win.

Google Keyword Planner

With Google Keyword Planner you can plug in your website address or a similar website and get suggested keywords. You can also type in keywords you think you should focus on and Google will optimize your keyword with other suggestions. A good rule of thumb is quality over quantity. Use Google to identify keywords that have a high monthly search volume. If people aren’t searching for your keywords, you are working for nothing.


Like Zach and I, most bloggers are getting the bulk of their traffic through Pinterest. Open up Pinterest and begin to type a word such as RV. I can then see the main keywords the Pinterest says people are using to search for ideas. Those are the words that I want to insert into my posts.

Remember Day 3 when I talked about wordpress plugins. Yoast SEO is the plugin that you will want to use to see how well your keywords are scoring for your post. Did you download it yet? Here is a refresher on the plugins I recommend for wordpress bloggers.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Using Pinterest Pins to Drive Traffic to your Blog

If you are brand new to Pinterest, start with the Pinterest Business Hub. It is a great resource to walk you through understanding how users are using the social network.

When setting up your pins on Pinterest, you also want to be very mindful of the title and description of your pins. Make sure your keywords are found in your pin. This is how Pinterest will direct people to your pin. It is a search engine just like Google! Your pins will also show up in google search results if you use your keyword correctly.

Pinterest is it’s own monster. Here are quick tips to keep in mind as you begin your Pinterest campaign.

  • Focus on your keywords for your pins and your boards
  • Create multiple boards for niche topics, title your boards and add a description – use your keywords!
  • Create vertical pins with text – I use PicMonkey
  • Repurpose your content by creating new images and new pins linking to the same posts – I use Tailwind to loop my pins and PicMonkey to make new pin images for the same content
  • Put calls to action on your pin – Click here for 10 ways bloggers are making money
  • Use Tailwind to schedule and loop your pins, 70+ day is what top bloggers are doing
  • Join Tailwind Tribes to work with other bloggers