Holiday season is quickly approaching. Are you looking for a list of practical gifts for an RV owner? Whether the RV owner in your life is a fare season camper or a full time RVer, these gifts are great options for Christmas and birthday presents. These items are great for both men and women RVers.

Here is list of 15 practical gifts for RV owners from full time RVers Zach and Jena Smith.

gift ideas for rv owners

Indoor Thermometer

Here is a wireless indoor thermometer and weather station. It will tell you the indoor and outdoor temps and even the humidity levels.

You can find it on Amazon.

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Inflatable Lounger

Maybe it’s because I always feel tired, but I think these inflatable loungers are wonderful. When you are fifth wheel living or camping, having items that can be tucked away are a must.

These loungers can be easily stowed, but quickly set up to chill outside and read a book or take a nap.

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Digital Picture Frame

RV wall space is limited, but RVers still want to have pictures on the walls. For us, we like to have photos of our travels, our home state (Montana) and our friends and family. A digital picture frame is a the perfect gift for RV owners.

This digital picture frame allows photos to automatically scroll and even comes with a remote control.

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Bigfoot Air Fresheners

Okay, these bigfoot air fresheners are hilarious and make a great gift for the outdoorsman in your life.

It’s especially funny to me because my husband was nicknamed Sasquatch in high school.

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Custom Photo Woven Blanket

These custom photo blankets are stellar! I love them. These blankets are perfect for placing a photo of a pet, family member or home state on it.

A custom photo throw can be used in an RV as a decoration on the couch or bed. You just upload the photo you want and the blanket makers weave a blanket for you. I prefer the look of the woven blankets and they are durable.

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Instant Pot Multi Use Crock Pot

Small, multi-purpose kitchen items are perfect for the RV. This crock pot makes meal prep easy and can be tightly stored. An instant pot functions as a slow cooker, pressure cooker or rice cooker.

Travelling Slow Cooker

I haven’t used this travelling slow cooker, but I think it looks like a pretty unique item. I imagine whoever receives this as a gift will find lots of uses for it. Especially the RVer.

Zero Water Filter Pitcher

The ZeroWater Filter Pitcher is a great gift. When you are travelling, you don’t know the quality of the water that you are connecting to at various RV spots. Rather than buying single use plastic water bottles, this 10 cup round Zero Water Filter Pitcher is a great solution because it filter your water and will fit in most RV fridges.

It will remove water impurities. RVers can drink from the tap after filtering the water. This unit doesn’t take up a lot of space.

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Camp Quityourbitchen Coffee Mug

Assuming the RVer in your life drinks coffee and has a sense of humor. This hilarious coffee mug will make them think of you every morning with their first sip of caffeine.

It will also give them a laugh. Hey! That’s what the RV life is all about. Quityourbitchen!

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Flashlight with Magnetic Base

RV owners can never have too many flashlights. I like this flashlight because it has a strong magnet on the end, which means I can keep it handy on the fridge or oven. Flashlights only come in handy, when you can find them.

This flashlight also has a powerful light, but is in a small portable casing.

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Melamine Dinnerware

As a full time RVer or weekend camper, having sturdy plates and bowls is a must. You don’t want to keep your nice ceramic dinnerware in the camper.

This 12 piece set of melamine dinnerware is eye catching. I like the rustic look. It’s definitely a unique dinnerware set.

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Portable Cornhole

I love cornhole, but the boards are such a pain in the butt to carry around. Well, how about this collapsible cornhole set? This is the perfect gift for an RV camper that loves to play games.

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Subscription to Amazon Audible

For RV living or camping, a Kindle is a great option. You get access to unlimited books on one device. If the RV owner in your life already has a Kindle, gift them with a years subscription to Audible through Amazon.

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Portable Movie Screen

Get the family and neighbors together on a summer night to watch a movie under the stars. Check out this portable movie screen that makes a unique gift.

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Cheeky Camping Mat

Camping mats get used and abused on the road. Having a fresh camping mat for your RV is always a plus. This camping mat is 8 feet by 11 feet and makes a great gift.

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Oversize Camp Chair

I like big, sturdy camp chairs. These oversize chairs are so comfortable, you don’t know you are camping. Most people don’t spend the extra money to upgrade their camp chairs, so it makes a great gift. This camp chair is big, sturdy and stow-able and makes a great gift for an RV owner.

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Decorative Baskets in Various Sizes

RVers love baskets for storage. Store the food, store the bathroom products, store the socks and on and on. We need so many storage baskets that we end up using anything we can get our hands on. Often this means we have old dingy baskets and would love nothing more than some nice decorate baskets.

A great gift for an RV owner is a set of matching storage baskets in various sizes. Just like these.

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Yeti Drink-ware

Yeti drink-ware is something not a lot of people will spend their money on, but they secretly wish they would get a set as a gift. These Yeti coffee mugs and soda coozies will be a hit for any RV owner.

Yeti has an entire line of vacuum sealed drinkware:

Water bottles

Coffee thermos

Coffee mug

Soda coozies