We are so close to finally hitting the road. Just four more sleeps, what? We are so close I can smell the humidity and overcrowded spaces. I can hear the bluegrass and southern gospel and taste the duck fat tater tots.

Oh boy, I feel like I did right before leaving for college. I have no idea what the future holds! I just know anything is possible. What an amazing feeling.

I’ve been reflecting about the huge change that lies ahead and all the things that we still need to do before we leave. It seems like the list never ends.

So Longs & Get Er’ Dones

These past few weeks have been packed with so longs and get er’ dones.

Even though I feel like we have been on the GO GO GO for the past six months, it still seems as though we won’t have everything done we want to have done before we pull out of the driveway.

I think we will just have to be okay with that.

Our Get Er’ Dones These Past Weeks

Prepping for Drive Time

My business is busier than ever. Not complaining, just feeling a tad overwhelmed. It’s okay, I’m not stressed, I’m just stretched.

I have to be available to my customers Monday – Friday. I also have a full schedule of daily work to complete. The first week and a half of our trip will pretty much be all drive time.

I have set up a mobile office in the truck so that I can efficiently work while we drive. This means making sure the dogs can be near me, but not on me. I also will need to have mobile wifi, a computer station and power available.

Securing the TV

We had to put our giant 65 inch Samsung Smart TV in our living area. This means we need to secure for travel days. Zach did this using ratchet straps and pillows. Whatever, it seems to be working.

Hooking up the Bikes

We were planning to bring our kayaks, but I am worried about theft. I think it would be a lot of work to secure and haul our giant kayaks across the country, just to have them ripped off. We did decide to bring our bikes. I think we can manage to lock those up easier than the kayaks.

Truck and RV Maintenance

We needed to make sure that our rig is in good shape before hitting the road. This meant an oil change, dumping and flushing the RV and fixing the running board on the truck. This might be a full time job on its own.

Organizing Inside the Fifth Wheel

We continue to go through our cabinets and pull things out we don’t really need. Everything in the fifth wheel needs to have a purpose. It shouldn’t just be hitching a ride. I bought and put together a new desk. It functions better than the dining table that I was use plus it takes up less space.

Securing RV Sites

I have heard of people giving up on the full time RV life because they can’t find places to park. We have called a few of our number one picks in Tennessee for long term space rental and been told they are booked. We continue to look for the perfect spot. I trust God we will end up where he needs us.

We have been talking to friends and family along our route to see if we can pop in for a quick visit and park our rig close by.

Setting up Mail

We are domiciled in Montana and our mail is going to my parents. I set up a mail spot at their house so they can put new mail in a slot and then we can go over the mail that comes in together. Once the mail is opened it will go into the opened slot.

I also went to the bank to get extra deposit slips so when checks come in, my folks can take the checks to the bank.

New Pooper Comfort Station (Toilet Seat)

It’s the little things. The standard toilet seat and lid that came with our fifth wheel, I did not like. So I got a new one. It has an embroidered sun on it.

Sell our Extra Vehicle

We put our Ford Taurus up for sale. No bites. It might not sell before we leave. It will have to stay parked at my parent’s house until it sells.

Medical and Dental

We have been going to the dentist and doctor to check on our health before we leave. All is good and our teeth are sparkling.

My new desk makes my office space more comfortable.

Zach got the bikes secured to the back of the fifth wheel.

My family is addicted to Ticket to Ride now. We have been playing nightly!

We took a drive through Seeley Lake to see the Tamaracks turning yellow.

Saying So Long

As excited as I am to head out to the unknown, I am also feeling the pangs of what I will be missing back home. My heart is full of gratitude for Montana and…

    • Family & Friends
    • Fresh, smoke free air (cigarette not so much wildfire)
    • Light traffic
    • Familiarity & Sense of safety
    • Big blue sky
    • 80 MPH speed limits
    • Wheat Montana

Thank you to everyone that is supporting our journey.

We have been able to go say goodbye to great friends in Whitefish and get out to the ranch to say goodbye to my Grandma Evy. It will hit me hard once we are on the road that it will be awhile until I see everyone again. But nothing is permanent.

Jena hugging Montana goodbye.