We actually started our full time travel journey two weeks ago. But the first week was a bust. You can read all about how our first week stalled out just sixty minutes from home.

Our actual first week on the road began after our new truck had fifth hitch rails installed. As much as I don’t like spending money on things, it makes sense to have a reliable rig with what we are doing.

Our first week included 2,000+ miles, 4 lake-side sleepovers, enchiladas with family, thrown rolls and vanilla cake with chocolate frosting for breakfast. It’s mostly been drive time, but we snuck in some fun at Lake of the Ozarks and Nashville.

We have been trying to burn rubber to outrun the cold. The cold however, has spread across the U.S. and we find ourselves still shivering.

What I’ve learned our first week on the road

Rural Rural Rural

This sounds naive, but when I visit other states (I am from Montana), I am usually visiting their populated areas. Colorado for example, I have been to Denver and surrounding areas, which are busy.

But, driving across Eastern Colorado is just like driving across Eastern Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, Nebraska. It is all rural as heck.  And Kansas, phew. These states all look the same.

Yes, that is why they are called “fly over states”. It doesn’t mean they aren’t beautiful, they are just – all – the – same. I will say I did love how many American flags I saw along the way. America’s heartland.

Our new set of wheels – 2020 Chevy Silverado 2500

This one’s for my mom, she knows why

Working While Driving is Difficult

I bought an office set up for the truck. I bought the perfect laptop desk, wifi jetpack and power plug. What I didn’t account for was the sun’s glare on my screen and the “jerkyness” of towing a fifth wheel.

It is very difficult to use a wireless mouse whilst maintaining your upright position amidst all the jolting.

I don’t always end words with “st” but when I do, I do it twice in one sentence.

I am able to get the things done I have to get done while driving, but the work that can wait is waiting until we are settled at night.

Hallmark Movies are on Amazon and Cable

Heck yes! We haven’t had cable for many years. This time of year, I like to hunker down and binge watch Christmas movies. We are currently at an RV park that has cable and Hallmark Christmas movies! We are checking out late tomorrow.

Amazon Prime also has Hallmark Christmas movies!

It’s Harder to Talk to People than I Thought

It has only been a week, but I find myself already becoming a recluse. Part of this journey for me is to reach out to strangers, be useful, be a light and make relationships.

It is difficult being that we are only staying in places one night at a time. However, I haven’t felt the energy to go introduce myself to people I could have. I have just been staying in the car. I’ll blame the cold. Anyway, I want to get better at conversing with people.

Why don’t people want to talk to us?

How to be water efficient

One of the things we have learned quickly is how to limit our water consumption. We have our shower time pinned down. Get in, get the job done, get out.

Who knew you would have to prioritize your bathing segments? Who shaves their legs in winter anyways?

We get hurt a lot

Big people in little spaces get boo-boos easily. As soon as the cut on my finger heals, I smack my other hand on the ceiling and have a new open wound.

I literally just tried to sit up and bump my head. All I want for Christmas is to shrink 2 inches. I have to learn to slow down and navigate my space more gracefully.

It’s all been good

All in all, the road has been good to us. It feels natural and we feel in sync. I do look forward to setting up shop in North Carolina for awhile. I have some work projects that I can’t wait to dive into.

We did change our route again since we ended up staying in Montana even longer than planned. We will go straight to Western North Carolina and Tennessee after. We loved Lake of the Ozarks and Nashville, so we will return to those areas again.

Thanks for reading and if you made it this far, please leave me a comment, I’d love to hear from you.