It’s the day before Thanksgiving, so naturally I am watching Hallmark Christmas movies.

I was thinking about all of the things I am thankful for and a double whammy topped my list: I am thankful that I feel safe and at home.

My Concerns

Those were two concerns of mine when we first decided to live in our fifth wheel and travel the U.S.

  • Am I going to feel homesick?
  • Will I be consumed in constant fear?

Thankfully, I feel both at home and safe. I thought it would be a good time to share my thoughts on RV living safety and how Zach and I are implementing our safety habits.

I learned to shoot our Springfield XD 40 Caliber pistol

Before we left Montana, Zach, my dad and I went to the gun range and I got the low down on how to safely and effectively use Zach’s pistol.

Prior to this experience I was usually quite uncomfortable with just the thought of his pistol. However, now that I know how the emergency protection system works and how to safely operate it, I am very glad that we are packing.

Zach has a conceal and carry permit, so he is always prepared.

Research and choose safe areas

We do our research on the areas that we want to visit. Charlotte, NC for example is a bit of a train wreck. We are currently 60 miles or so from the city.

We watch the Charlotte news every night as see how many shooting/murders happen in the area. It’s a lot. We keep a safe distance from areas with high crime rates.

I have considered and may still install a security system with cameras.

We stay chubby

We have a magnet on our oven that says “Fat kids are harder to kidnap“. So we eat a lot.

Nighttime ritual

At night, we walk the dogs together and Zach carries his pistol. We always keep the camper door locked, whether we are inside or outside.

We will not let anyone into our camper we don’t know. I would like to get a doorbell with camera.

We also keep our truck keys next to the bed. This is in case we feel unsafe and want to set the alarm off on our truck. This would hopefully keep any intruders from sticking around and alert our neighbors.


We are always aware of our surroundings and the people in the area. We are currently in a gated community which is nice. The gates require a key card so we don’t have to worry about intruders sneaking around our camp at night.

The RVing community is on edge as of late. A full time RV living couple from New Hampshire was murdered in Texas. A man and women were arrested in Mexico on charges they had stolen the couple’s truck and fifth wheel.

We say our prayers

We lean on God and ask Him daily to keep us aware and safe.

Jena’s Holiday Message:

Maybe if I look like a wackadoodle, the wackadoodles will leave me alone?

Banana snack time at the Smith’s!

Minimize our exposure to theft

We don’t carry a lot of cash on hand. We have a little in the pocket in case of emergency, but otherwise we stick with our credit cards.

We also don’t keep valuables in the truck. Out of site out of mind. People are less likely break into your rig if it appears there is nothing of value to easily snatch.

I heard a story about a full time RV couple that had all of their business equipment stolen from their car while they were in a laundry mat. I learned from that story.

We double, triple check that everything is locked when we leave.

We stick together

We have used the bath houses at two RV campgrounds. When we do, we go together. Zach in the mens and I in the ladies of course. But Zach waits for me outside when he is done. I also carry mace. Yes, it’s pink.

A few times I have felt unsafe

We have done a few things that have made me feel unsafe. Twice we parked the RV and slept at a rest stop off the interstate. With the days so short on our long trip from MT to NC we found ourselves needing to pull off the road for the night before getting to a state park or campground. We also wanted to save the $40/night to keep in check with our budget.

Funny enough, the other time I felt unsafe was back in Montana. When our truck broke down, we had to limp over to the truck stop. I felt a bit uneasy staying there a couple of nights.

Do you have any other safety tips?

What do you do to stay safe on the road? Leave us a comment if you have a good idea.