Budgeting money is stupid, right? I should be able to buy what I want when I want it with no repercussions. Baha.

That’s really how Zach and I have lived in the past. One thing we have learned over the past few years is, no matter how much money we make, we spend it all.

We could be making double what we make now and be in the same financial situation. So, why not learn to live on less and enjoy our freedom of time?

$1,600 Over Budget

Our first month on the road threw us a few curve balls. We ended the month being $1,600 over our $2,500/month budget.

Good thing I didn’t buy any more Ticket to Ride games or we would have spent double our RV budget!

The $1,600 was:

  1. $500 toward truck parts/maintenance
  2. $500 over food budget. We ATE and ATE and ATE (part of our safety plan)
  3. $600 over in gas. We anticipated this our first month since we were driving across the country in a week.

Unexpected Expenses

Our truck broke down just a few miles in our 2,000+ mile journey and was a financial blunder. It could have been worse. We had to shell out about $500 to get our old truck fixed and fifth wheel rails put into our new truck.

We did have to spend a good chunk of cash to do a one pay lease on our new truck. This is not part of our monthly budget as it was a purchase we were planning on, it just came earlier than we planned.

We do have flex spending set into our budget and hope that this evens out over the months on the road.

Changes to Our Budget

After reviewing this first month on the road and how we spent our money we made some decisions:

  1. We are increasing our eating out budget. We decided that this is important to us. Our new eating out budget is $240/month. This is $150 more than what we originally set. This will allow us to sit down at a restaurant once per week plus grab food on the go four times per week. This may be a little overkill, but we decided we didn’t want to be bummed about stopping to enjoy some food when it is convenient.
  2. Our grocery budget is staying the same. I don’t know why we spent twice our budget in groceries. We need to not go shopping when we are hungry. We are not changing this, we just need to do better at watching what we spend.
  3. We got a gym membership at Planet Fitness. We chose this gym because they have locations all over the U.S. With our black car membership we can visit any of these locations at no extra charge. It is $22/month for both of us to workout. Plus they have showers and massage chairs.
  4. We no longer have a truck payment as we did a one pay lease on a 2020 Chevy Silverado.
hanging out with family

Spending time with family is the best kind of entertainment.

My latest Ticket to Ride Addiction victims. As you can see, Terry on the left, hasn’t won a game yet.

Averaging Out

We aren’t too worried about the $1,600 overage. The monthly budget is set to be an average. There will be times when we are mooch-docking back in Montana and spend $0 on camp spots and very little on gas. This will average out the overage we spent on gas this month.

As for the food overage, we have to watch what we spend. This is a learning process, we have never kept track of our spending in the past. It’s been a free for all.

Our New Monthly Budget

Gym $22.00
Camper Payment $235.00
Vehicle Insurance $186.00
Cell Phone $144.00
Animals $200.00
Supplies $80.00
Entertainment $130.00
Eating Out $240.00
Flex Spending $200.00
Groceries $300.00
Propane $30.00
Camp Spots $500.00
Gasoline $250.00

Fried banana peppers are a welcome purchase within our eating our budget.

Even though we increased our eating our budget and added a gym membership our monthly budget has decreased. This is because we no longer have a truck payment.

As we move into December we are feeling confident that we will be able to spend less and hopefully have a budget deficient rather than an overage.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and for those of you in Montana, hope you are staying warm!