Buying a new or new to you vehicle is never easy.  Figuring out what you need in addition to what you want, or what looks best out in the sunshine on your driveway is not always a piece of cake.  Once you have a choice or two figured out there, then it’s trying to find that vehicle in an area close enough to you that you don’t need an entire weekend and a plane ticket to go get it.  I’ve done that too.  You find that rig, the one you dreamed of, it fits your needs, so on, how much is this going to cost me? Arm? Leg? Kidney? All 3? Not if you do your homework.

After making it a whole 60 miles into our cross country trip and before our old Ford F 250 had yet another issue, we decided to “break down” and get a new rig.  We had concerns leading up to the trip, but with the cost of used heavy duty pickups being what they were, we were going to take a leap of faith and go with what we had. That decision turned out to be no good. We went back to the drawing board.

We had funds saved up and knew eventually we would purchase a relatively new or just NEW truck.  After driving a couple low mileage used rigs (that didn’t inspire much more confidence than our 2005 tow rig) we decided to go with a new one.

We all have our own opinions on trucks. Ford, Chevy, Dodge.  I’ve owned all 3.  New. Old.  I’ll post another time on that.  We went with a 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Custom.  New body style, bigger motor, more towing capacity.  Limited trucks available because of the UAW strike so not a lot of deals out there.  Which finally brings me to the Costco Auto Program.

Costco Auto Program:

It allows you to go to participating dealers, there’s a lot of them, and get no haggle discount pricing on vehicles.

There are dealers for about every make and model of vehicle out there.

You get all the factory rebates off also and any additional you may be qualified for, saving you even more.

After buying your vehicle, discounts are available at participating dealers for parts & service saving you money down the road.

Check Costcoauto.com and click on the FAQ bar to get the lowdown in detail.

Both rigs.  The 2020 HD Custom and our old 2005 Harley F250 along with our Heartland fifth wheel

When we decided on the 2020 model Chevy, there were not a lot out there.  We got lucky. We found 2 identical rigs in the area that would do just fine.  However with being brand new, and a shortage of them due to the strike, dealers were not wanting to move too far from the MSRP or sticker on them.  The old law of supply and demand.

In our case, using the Costco program, we were able to get the truck for a discounted price similar to an employee price like if you were an employee of Chevrolet.  It saved us a few grand and made the process easier.  There are a few extra pieces of paper to deal with in regards to Costco, but easy.

One being for a Costco gift card with the purchase of our new truck.  As part of our buying the truck, we got a $700 Costco gift card as Executive members.  With the standard membership it would have been $300.  For us it was just like getting another 700 bucks off as we shop at Costco fairly regularly, get fuel there when we can, and so on.

The end result of our buying experience is getting a fair price with out haggling for hours or driving to multiple dealer trying to pit them against each other and burning some serious time up doing so.  Plus getting a substantial gift card that we will use is like a cherry on top of a tasty sundae.

Are there better deals to be had out there? Maybe.  This time around for us it worked in our favor to go this route.  If you’re in the market, check the program out.  That gift card buys a lot of $1.50 Hot dog & soda combos.

2020 Chevy Silverado 2500 Pulling 37 foot fifth wheel

The new truck and the camper, needing a good bath, in Eastern Colorado