AT&T Cancels Unlimited Data Plan for TOGO Mobile Internet

One of the activities I miss from living in a normal home, is streaming my shows! Netflix, I miss you. It really surprises me how much I miss watching Hart of Dixie every night. I thought I might be able to start streaming again, until AT&T cancels unlimited data plan with TOGO.

TOGO Roadlink and AT&T

Before leaving we looked into the TOGO Roadlink. A device that can be set up in your RV and will connect to a data carrier to provide lightning fast internet speeds.

There has been a plan that seemed too good to be true. A TRULY unlimited data plan from AT&T for just $360/year. That’s less than purchasing wifi from a local internet company at your home.

We didn’t purchase the unit and set up the plan before we left, because we wanted to see if we could get by with the data we had. Thankfully we didn’t because we learned that AT&T cancels unlimited data.

AT&T Cancels Unlimited Data Plan for TOGO Mobile Internet

If you are looking for an alternate RV data and mobile internet options check out the Mobile Internet Resource Center. They utilize and review all of the mobile internet options out there.

Bad News for TOGO Users Expecting Unlimited Data

TOGO recently informed users that AT&T cancels unlimited data plans starting January 16, 2020.

Their alternative data plans are the same expensive plans you will find for adding data to a cell phone.

5GB per month for $25 per month

22GB per month for $90 per month

50GB per month for $175 per month

100GB per month for $300 per month

Winegard TOGO Roadlink and AT&T Pricing

What does this mean for current users?

In an email that went out from TOGO it said that current users activated or renewed before January 16, 2020 will have one year of unlimited data until their renewal data. At that time they can purchase a new data plan.

They also said they don’t expect AT&T to publish the new plans online until January 16. The plans on the TOGO website and AT&T website still have the unlimited plans available. The Winegard website makers of the TOGO unit, actually has this information available so new customers know about this switch.

Bait and Switch?

Zach and I were a little afraid of this bait and switch technique being a possibility. I mean, it was such a good deal, that how could it last? We even went in to an AT&T store to talk to a service rep and he had absolutely no idea about this plan.

We almost predicted that AT&T would get as many customers on board as they could allow and then cancel the plan hoping all the new customers would continue to purchase the new outrages data plans.

What does this mean for TOGO?

We were interested in TOGO just for the unlimited data. We have fine connectivity with our Verizon products for the places we visit.

You can still purchase the TOGO to work with other data plans as well and customers may find other benefits such as:

  • Connects multiple devices: cell phones, laptops, tablets, and more
  • Works in-motion
  • Connects devices up to 50 ft away from your unit
  • Expands connectivity and places where service is limited

Our Current Data Allowance with Verizon

We have enough data to use for our daily smartphone use and our hotspot for work.

However, we have just enough data left at the end of each month to watch a few Netflix or Disney+ shows.

Which we are able to get by with the following, we just can stream our shows.

15GB on Verizon MiFi

30GB on Verizon Hotspots

75GB on Cell Phone Data

We can add 5GB data for $35/month.

Streaming Companies Rescue Us!

I think the solution here is for Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, CBS, Sling and all the streaming companies to get together and offer a truly unlimited streaming plan for us folks on the road.