We are living our lives to the fullest. Even when things seem uncertain, we focus our energy on God and growing our faith. This is why we are able to do what we do.

Back in Montana

Zach and I have been back in Montana since April. This was too soon as we had frozen pipes multiple days as we withstood the cold winter temps in our 3 season fifth wheel. As I type this, Zach is actually underneath the fifth wheel adding a full layer of insulation to the under carriage. The floor leaks cold air when temps drop. And it is just too cold for Pancakes!

We do plan to begin our trek south before we experience any snow this year, but you just never know with Montana. We had snow the end of September in 2019.

Jena’s guide to driving from Yellowstone Park to Glacier Park (I made a few changes due to COVID-19 closures)

Our Stimulus Boat

We have been enjoying our time in Montana. In June Zach and my dad went down to Canyon Lake, Texas and bought a surf boat. Of course we bought a Mastercraft. Remember we took a tour of the Mastercraft factory back in Tennesse and we were impressed. We call this our “stimulus boat”. We have also made better use of our stimulus check by donating to a church in Texas we plan to return to. We think they can do better things with the money than we can 😉 obviously…


After travelling the country we have a new set of eyes as we explore Montana. Before the weather warmed up enough to use our surf boat, we did plenty of hiking. I started using the All Trails app and have had a blast chasing waterfalls this spring and summer.

  • Crow Creek Falls – Townsend
  • Trout Creek – York
  • Mount Helena
  • Dry Gulch – Helena
  • Hedges Mountain – Helena
  • Our Lady of the Rockies – Butte
  • Morrell Falls – Seeley Lake
  • Holland Lake Falls – Seeley Lake
  • Our Lake – Chouteau
  • Gibson Reservoir – Augusta
  • Avalanche Lake – Glacier National Park
  • Fairy Falls – Yellowstone National Park


We spent a week up in Pipestone and met up with friends for some four wheeling and side by side trail riding. This isn’t my favorite past time, but I enjoy the company we ride with and don’t mind going once a year.

Legit Running

If you follow me on Instagram @runningfromwinter.rv you will see that I have been putting more miles on my legs. I have been running foot races for a few years now, but have decided I want to push myself and work up to a marathon. I am planning to run a few half marathons this year and then join a few friends for the Governors Cup marathon next June (if it happens). It is so hard to make plans anymore… My furthest run to date was 11 miles, after a 5.6 mile hike.

Our Stimulus Boat

Jena being Jena and Zach being Zach

One of my favorite photos from the Pipestone weekend. Little McKenzie cried buckets when she lost her sun glasses and her face became caked in mud. But oh that smile!

Hungry Horse

The best part of being in Montana is spending time with friends and family. And boy are we packing it in. We spent a week up in Hungry Horse with our friends from Shelby. It rained the majority of the time, but we had a relaxing week coloring rocks, eating tons of food and hanging out by the fire. We even celebrated Zach’s birthday with friends.

Three Sixty Surfing

We have been trying our best to get out on the water surfing as much as possible. It is challenging. Even when the air is warm, when the wind is blowing it makes for a challenging surf. This is another reason why we would like to find a lake in the south that we can buy land near. We would like a longer surfing season and more opportunities to get out on the boat. I have yet to land the 360 and stay in the wake.

Yellowstone & Glacier

We joined a club called Boondockers Welcome. This is where I met Kristine. She is from Mississippi and allowed us to stay on her property for a few nights. She had never been to Montana so I told her if she made a trip this summer that I would show her around.

I met her in Yellowstone for a few days, she came to Helena to watch us surf and then we went to Glacier for a few days. It was a great time, but made me realize how little I know about my own state 😉

Jena and Kristine in Yellowstone Park

I asked Kayla and Jayce to touch heads and they gently did so.

Huck Pie

I have learned so much from our time on the road. One of them being how much I have taken Montana for granted. I missed going to the hot springs this winter and having huckleberry everything (pancakes, ice cream, pie). When we were in Glacier we drove up to Pole Bridge. We came across an abundance of huckleberries and could not help but stop and pick them (I had my bear spray….in the car).

We also picked huckleberries outside of Swan Lake and I made two huckleberry pies. This was the first time making huck pie and it didn’t turn out the best. But it is still delicious. Tomorrow I will head out the ranch and bring Grandma Evy some huck pie.