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Meet Jena

I am all about working smart, chasing dreams and finding out where all the roads go. I love the feeling I get when I drive down an undiscovered road for the first time.

My favorite places in the U.S. are Glacier National Park, Green Bluff, Lake Pend Orielle, Whitefish Lake, Zion National Park, Gulf Shores Alabama, Everywhere in North Carolina and Lake Havasu.

Zach and I have arranged our life to allow us, our two shih-tzus and bunny to run from Montana’s long winters and experience life in the warmer parts of the U.S. We have been on the road now for five months and have been thriving. The first was a little scary, but we surfed the wave of discomfort and have found a life we love.

The five of us (yes, the bunny is on the road too) live in a 37′ fifth wheel and have been across 22 states to date.

I am a location independent entrepreneur and work full time, so our travels are dictated by my schedule and require wi-fi accessible destinations.

Meet Zach

I’m sketchy. No really, I’m a normal dude, 38, born and raised in Minnesota. I’m ready for a new beginning. I love life, adventure, being outdoors and thinking outside the box.

I enjoyed a life on the lake in Minnesota from birth to 24 years old, adulthood in the back country and mountains of Montana and now it’s time for a journey away from snow.

I used to find joy in Montana winters, snowmobiling, skiing, ice fishing etc. I could deal. Recently, I’ve enjoyed the cold less and less. I’d rather be out on the water or just plain outside. For me, it’s time to start running from winter.

Meet Sir Pancakes

Sir Pancakes is our four year old male mini rex. He is a recent addition to our family. We adopted him from a 4H family that used him as a breeding bunny. Yikes. He is such a lovable guy and a interesting member of our family.

He has settled in nicely to the RV and runs to the fridge every time it opens. He has learned that’s where the carrots are. He gets a few too many treats.

This is how we live full time in our fifth wheel with our bunny Sir Pancakes.

Funny Story: In January 2019, we were down south checking out Texas and Sir Pancakes was staying with Jena’s parents. He wasn’t fixed at the time. Well, he fell in love with Maisy and decided he wanted to create puppy bunnies with her.

He began the rabbit mating ritual – he would jump in the air, twist his body and urinate all over Maisy. Poor girl had daily baths for two weeks until we realized the behavior was not going to change.

Pancakes went to the vet and had his bunny balls removed. The behavior ceased so he gets to come along with us on our travels.

Meet Maisy

Maisy is the baby of the family. She is the biggest cupcake. She has many names including “chubby”, “sweets” and “cutest”. She is a four year old shih-tzu. She hates going on walks, so she has a little red wagon that she gets to ride in when Sydney is on a walk.

Meet Sydney

Sydney is our ten year old grandma. She hates everything and barks at everyone but is so special to us. She came from Sidney Montana. She is very intelligent and the boss of this entire show.