5th Wheel Upgrades After Year One of Full Time RV Living

We have been living in our fifth wheel for a year. After the first six months we knew we wanted to continue this exciting lifestyle. However, there were a few things we learned the first [...]

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You Can’t Beat Summer in Montana

We are living our lives to the fullest. Even when things seem uncertain, we focus our energy on God and growing our faith. This is why we are able to do what we do. Back [...]

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Arizona and Utah Totally Redeemed Our Trip

Things have abruptly changed for everyone in this world. We are thankful, that at this point, we have not been adversely affected by the virus. Our finances and health are in tact. So we have [...]

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How I Found Peace as a Skeptic in the Face of COVID-19

Alongside many, I haven’t been at peace lately. The COVID-19 pandemic has kept my mind whirling, mostly in frustration. I decided in order to silence my mindspace I needed to lay out all of my [...]

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Boondockers Welcome & Roadside Friendships

Since leaving Montana in early November, we have learned a great deal about living life on the road and constantly adapting to new locations. The heavy trek from Montana to North Carolina was certainly the [...]

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We Found Blue Bell Alabama from the Hart of Dixie

I'm exhausted. Today, I finally beat Zachary M Smith in a foot race! Yep, I ran the Sweetheart 5K in Gulf Shores with one goal in mind. Crush my man. CA-Rush him. It took me [...]

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Roll Tide, It’s Mardi Gras in Southern Alabama

Howdy Ya'll. We are soaking up the sunsets in Southern Alabama. We have been living in Magnolia Springs, Alabama for the past two weeks. Our location is magnifico! Country living, adjacent a cotton field 10 [...]

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Why the hell are you so happy?

Last weekend I was pounding the treadmill at Planet Fitness while watching Minimalism, a documentary on Netflix. The story was about a young man asking his also young friend, "why the hell are you so [...]

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RV Living Budget Review December 2019

We have completed our second month of full time RV living while travelling the U.S.  We spent a month in North Carolina and this past month in Tennessee. This month (December 2019) we did much [...]

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