Boondockers Welcome & Roadside Friendships

Since leaving Montana in early November, we have learned a great deal about living life on the road and constantly adapting to new locations. The heavy trek from Montana to North Carolina was certainly the [...]

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We Found Blue Bell Alabama from the Hart of Dixie

I'm exhausted. Today, I finally beat Zachary M Smith in a foot race! Yep, I ran the Sweetheart 5K in Gulf Shores with one goal in mind. Crush my man. CA-Rush him. It took me [...]

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Roll Tide, It’s Mardi Gras in Southern Alabama

Howdy Ya'll. We are soaking up the sunsets in Southern Alabama. We have been living in Magnolia Springs, Alabama for the past two weeks. Our location is magnifico! Country living, adjacent a cotton field 10 [...]

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Why the hell are you so happy?

Last weekend I was pounding the treadmill at Planet Fitness while watching Minimalism, a documentary on Netflix. The story was about a young man asking his also young friend, "why the hell are you so [...]

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RV Living Budget Review December 2019

We have completed our second month of full time RV living while travelling the U.S.  We spent a month in North Carolina and this past month in Tennessee. This month (December 2019) we did much [...]

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Our Christmas in the Great Smoky Mountains

I was so pleasantly surprised with North Carolina. I enjoyed the little town we were in, I loved our RV park, the people were welcoming - I had a hard time leaving. I was however, [...]

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AT&T Cancels Unlimited Data Plan with TOGO

AT&T Cancels Unlimited Data Plan for TOGO Mobile Internet One of the activities I miss from living in a normal home, is streaming my shows! Netflix, I miss you. It really surprises me how much [...]

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Buying our new truck using the Costco Auto Program

Buying a new or new to you vehicle is never easy.  Figuring out what you need in addition to what you want, or what looks best out in the sunshine on your driveway is not [...]

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One Month in Western North Carolina

It feels like we just got here, but at the same time it feels like we have been here for months. I'm surprised at how much I am digging this RV lifestyle. Make cookies, eat [...]

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