Just Four More Sleeps

We are so close to finally hitting the road. Just four more sleeps, what? We are so close I can smell the humidity and overcrowded spaces. I can hear the bluegrass and southern gospel and [...]

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Quick and Temporary Fifth Wheel Winterizing Tips

Welcome to Crawling from Winter! I hate feeling so negative. But that's my reality today. My mood stinks, my outlook stinks. I'm fed up. Last night (Wednesday night) we learned that the closing on our [...]

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How to Build a 12′ x 16′ Storage Shed for Under $1600

We decided that rather than paying a monthly fee of $70/month or more to store our stuff while we travel, that we would build a storage shed. We are about to head out on a [...]

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Peoples Bizarre Reactions to our Lifestyle Change

Recently I've had some bizarre comments tossed my way during conversations about Zach and I's new lifestyle. Normally when you talk about your home life, people don't bother to ask a lot of questions. However, [...]

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What Owning a Home Really Cost Us

Basic living expenses are ridiculous. A mortgage on a sticks and bricks is a drain. But who can own a home without a mortgage? Not many of us. It's an inescapable cyclone. The alternative (renting) [...]

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15 Practical Gifts for RV Owners

Holiday season is quickly approaching. Are you looking for a list of practical gifts for an RV owner? Whether the RV owner in your life is a fare season camper or a full time RVer, [...]

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Gates of the Mountain Boating Tour Helena Montana

You can't be in Helena, Montana during the summer and not stop at Gates of the Mountain. This is also a great stop along the Montana road trip between Yellowstone Park and Glacier Park. What [...]

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How to Make the RV Lock Stop Beeping

How on earth do I get the RV Lock" rel="noopener noreferrer">RV Lock to stop that annoying beeping? Chances are that when you first had the RV lock, it didn't start whaling every time you locked [...]

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Pipestone Montana OHV Area RV Boondocking

Our first RV boondocking trip was to Pipestone Montana. Pipestone is a system of ATV trails that totally surprised me. We were invited to boondock with our friends from Bozeman for the weekend. We were [...]

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Our Unwanted Visitors – RV Wasps Nest

Imagine hearing a woman screaming at the top of her lungs and look over to see her running in circles, ripping off her clothes. You might think she is suffering a mental breakdown. Well, I [...]

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