Boondockers Welcome & Roadside Friendships

Since leaving Montana in early November, we have learned a great deal about living life on the road and constantly adapting to new locations. The heavy trek from Montana to North Carolina was certainly the [...]

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Gates of the Mountain Boating Tour Helena Montana

You can't be in Helena, Montana during the summer and not stop at Gates of the Mountain. This is also a great stop along the Montana road trip between Yellowstone Park and Glacier Park. What [...]

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Montana Grizzly Encounter

I don't ever (ever, ever, ever) want to see a Grizzly bear in the wild. I have from a very far distance watched a few bears traipse around on our family's buffalo ranch. I was [...]

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Drive Yellowstone Park to Glacier Park

Montana is a home to two very popular summertime destinations, Yellowstone Park to Glacier Park. A must-do Montana road trip is to drive Yellowstone Park to Glacier Park during the same visit to Montana. I [...]

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Follow Our RV Journey Across the US With Google Maps

Getting on the road to begin our full time RV journey was not easy. We had so many disasters slap us in the face before we started. I am talking replacing the motor in our [...]

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RV Lifestyle Blog – Running from Winter

Welcome to Running from Winter, our RV lifestyle blog. Who would have thought us, a Montana couple in our thirties, Zach and Jena Smith would start this new adventure. We are heading south from our Montana home this winter [...]

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